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Foot Relief for Teachers

The Foot Performance Center is the place where feet go to find comfort. We know the school day is long, and on top of that, there are after-school activities added on. Teachers often come in to the Foot Performance Center looking for supportive footwear to help manage the pain in their feet, knees and back caused by standing on a hard surface for a long time in unsupportive shoes.

Whether you work at Churchville Central Schools, Brighton HS, Pittsford-Mendon HS, or any of the Rochester school districts, we offer supportive, stylish shoes. Sometimes schools have dress codes that discourage certain types of casual shoe, which can make it hard to find a comfortable shoe for standing in. At the Foot Performance center we work with you to find you comfort, support, and style (if that’s what you’re after).

Below are some tips to keep in mind when looking for the right shoes for teaching professions.

foot performance teacher shoe

1 – The Correct Fit
Properly fitting and functioning footwear is crucial to maintaining your health and comfort. Sneakers are sized from your heel to arch while clogs are sized by your heal to toe measurements.
2 – Properly Fitted Inserts
Inserts and foot orthotics come in all shapes and sizes. Having a professional evaluate your foot shape and recommend an insert can eliminate confusion about which insert is right for your foot.
3 – Properly Functioning Inserts
Properly fitted inserts, custom or over the counter, can improve comfort, balance and power. The proper insert can also be a great tool for pain management when dealing with foot health issues such as Plantar Fasciits, Arthritis, Achilles tendonitis and more
4 – Proper Shoe Choice – Match your activities to the shoes you are wearing. Running shoes may not be your best choice when you are standing on your feet all day… the proper shoe is the foundation of comfort.
5 – Proper Socks
Moisture management, fitted,  therapeutic &\or compression socks can make a big difference in comfort and performance.
Teachers often stand on hard surfaces with little movement so we tend to look for shoes and inserts that offer a wider more stable platform with lots of cushion. Stop by and talk with one of our fitting experts for more information. Our Board-certified professionals are here to assist you. Keep in mind that custom orthotics may be covered by many insurance companies.

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