Ankle Pain & Knee Pain

Our ankles and knees are remarkable. They propel us, support us, and have the ability to move us forward and handle the stresses of moving side to side. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. At the Foot Performance Center, we know ankles and knees and can help you find relief.

Achilles Tendon Injuries:
Many people suffer from Achilles tendon problems from overuse or injury. Proper stretching and strengthening can help prevent injury, as can a proper shoe insert or wedge. There’s also a higher risk of injury to our Achilles tendon as we age. The Foot Performance Center can work with your healthcare providers and fit you with ankle and knee braces, shoe inserts, footwear and modifications. Contact our office and find out how we may help.


Night Resting Splint for Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendinitis treatment

Knee Arthritis:
A foot orthotic/shoe insert or knee brace for a patient with knee arthritis can be helpful. We’ll work closely with you to help you find relief and will work with your healthcare providers when dispensing a proscribed modality.


OA Unloader  Knee Brace for unicompartmental arthritis treatment

Shin Splints:
Shin splints refer to pain along the tibia (your shin) and are often experienced by runners and other athletes. It’s often caused by improper footwear, overuse or a change in your workout. Wearing insoles or orthotics that support the arch will often help this condition, along with stretching and ice on the affected area.


Foot Orthotics can be used in treating Shin Splints