Ski Boots can be comfortable!

The snow is here! Are you ready for Winter Fun?


The most important piece of ski equipment you own – The Boot! The Foot Performance Center can modify your boots for better performance, warmth and comfort. Services include: shell and liner modifications, cuff alignment, fore/aft alignment, custom or “off the shelf” ski orthotics, and sole canting. We don’t sell ski boots, we are a fit only facility, so bring your existing ski boots or a new pair you just purchased.
For an appointment for a full evaluation, just call us. Dave, Sean, Karl or Brian will be happy to help you enjoy the season by making your ski boots the best they can be!






Back To School – Teachers!!


It’s that time of year again! School’s in session. Back to the classroom for the students and Teachers. It’s not an easy job, and it is not only mentally tough, it can be hard on the Teacher’s body. Complaints range from back, neck and shoulder pain to plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.  ”Lecture Standing” style of teaching can result in poor posture and having to stand on unyielding surfaces for many hours. So Teachers should beware of these occupational hazards and “be prepared”, just like they tell their students.

A good defense against problems generated by teaching is multifactorial. First, sit when you can and move frequently. Standing in one spot prevents the body from absorbing ground forces, especially if you are on cement floors. Wear supportive shoes and orthotics to keep your body in good alignment. Flats or sling back style shoes are a poor choice. Look for a shoe that is wide enough, deep enough, has a firm heel counter and is a 3/8” heel height. A good rule of thumb is to wear a shoe that does not change the shape of your foot.

Here are the top Teacher shoes for a happy end to each day:

  • Dansko
  • Alegria
  • Waldlaufer
  • Ziera
  • Wolky
  • New Balance Sneakers


Orthotics, whether they be over-the-counter (OTC) or custom made are always a good idea for someone who stands most of the day. If your arch is high, the orthotic gives your foot more surface area to distribute shock. If your arch is low, the orthotic provides support to the heel and arch, reducing fatigue and pain. Orthotics overall improve lower extremity alignment which transfers up the Kinetic Chain to improve knee, hip, back, shoulder and neck positioning.

Here are the top Teacher orthotics to keep the aches & pains away:

  • Custom made Orthotics designed by a Pedorthist or Orthotist
  • SOLE Orthotics
  • Cadence Orthotics
  • Kneed Orthotics
  • Vasyli Orthotics
  • Powerstep Orthotics


At The Foot Performance Center, we measure you, capture a foot print and fit you in the proper size and design of shoe for your feet. We listen to your pains and your needs and provide you with the solution that will get you through this school year!


Customer/Patient Testimonials

November 11, 2016

“I have custom orthotics from Carol Gambell for 20 years. I followed her to The Foot Performance Center in Rochester. It is SO worth the drive. Not only did they accommodate my schedule, but also offer a variety of shoes & sneaks so I can get my foot problems under control at one place! They stand behind their products. They also offer ski boot fittings & adjustments/orthotics. Everything is done on site, very professional. For athletic people, diabetics, people with any foot issue, it’s the place to go.”

Kristen J. Kratzert, MD


December 2, 2016

“I skied on my new Dalbello race boots for three days at Okemo over Thanksgiving and the boots fit great with no pressure points. New cants and toe lifter felt really good too. Thank you!!!”

Mark Wolcott


December 19, 2016

“We wanted to share with fellow skiers, snowboarders, and any other foot sport oriented athlete.

I have had work done at Foot Performance on my ski boots for 15 years. Dave and Brian and their entire staff are very professional and truly understand body movement. Their ability to maximize an individual’s precise movements in their sport equates to extreme satisfaction and positive result in that sport.

Feet, ankles, knees and hips, the kinetic chain, must work together to achieve maximum performance. I personally have had great success with the work they have done for me improving my comfort, endurance, performance and overall movement in skiing. (Plus, the great footbeds I purchased for my work shoes.)

As a huge believer in the work they do, it was time for my wife to experience their magic. Alice and I have been to numerous ski clinics from carving to bump to all mountain skiing. We understand the movements and technique required to access more of the mountain for our skiing.

My wife has a very small foot, size 5. It’s always been a challenge to find a proper fitting and performing boot for her. At the end of last ski season, we found the boot she wanted. Our goal has always been to learn the technique required for all mountain skiing and become efficient and fluid with those movements.

I watched my wife struggle with what’s referred to as “A” Framing or knocked knee. She mastered the ski technique but struggled with fluid motion. So, we went to The Foot Performance Store and met with Brian for evaluation. Brian was very patient and started with her foot bed to make sure her ankles were in a neutral position. He then made sure the boot shell ergonomically was correct for the shape of her foot. Brian studied how her knees tracked in the boot and where her hips aligned fore and aft.  He formulated a plan to correct significant deficiencies through canting and building up the plate to correct her fore/aft balance.

After two fittings, we picked up the boots. The work was meticulous.

This past weekend we went to the mountain for her tests runs. As in any change especially the first run of the season, she knew something was different. My eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I held back my excitement and waited for her thoughts. She was still not quite sure but thought the boots certainly fit better and felt more precise edge to edge. The following day we returned to the mountain and she asked me for comments on her skiing. Well, I was busting to tell her but I asked her how did they perform on snow today. Her response was “they feel great, but how do I look?”

That was my cue to offer up my thoughts. The first thing I said to her was that I noticed the “A ”framing or knock knee positions had disappeared. These issues caused her transitions from edge to edge to look forced as if she was working too hard…and she was. She really couldn’t get the skis working together as well as her mind knew how to.  

With boot modifications Brain made, she looked SO fluid. The edge transitions were very smooth, legs and feet working together. For the first time in her skiing experience, she looked and performed on snow better than I had ever seen. This will most certainly translate to better bump, crud and powder skiing.  Here it is critical the feet, legs hips and body alignment work together to make skiing 3-dimensional snow less tiring and more efficient.

I can honestly say if you haven’t had your foot, knee and leg alignment and fore /aft balance every checked…you’re working way to hard in your sport.

Thank you, Brian, David and the entire team at The Foot Performance Store. You have made a huge improvement to a sport we truly love.”

All the best,

Gary and Alice Cassara


February 25, 2017

Dear David,

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the sporthotics you crafted for me about a year ago. They have completely transformed my skiing & hiking experiences this winter! What a relief to be in the Adirondack High Peaks this past week, and enjoying total comfort. It just makes everything so much better! I’m grateful –

Lisa Albrecht

Rochester Philharmonic Trombonist and Satisfied Customer




Employment Opportunities!



The Foot Performance Center is looking for full-time and part-time hires.  If you are someone who likes helping people, problem solving and working in a dynamic and challenging environment, please contact for more details.