Our ABC Board Certified Pedorthists and Orthotists perform regular foot function analysis, gait analysis and footwear analysis to optimize the foot performance of athletes at all levels. We specialize in a variety of sports such as running, tennis, dance, basketball, track and field, skiing, cycling, skating, soccer, and golf. We work with the area’s best sports medicine professionals and have a Certified Athletic Trainer on staff, to better understand the problems and challenges of each sport, and find the best course of treatment. Whether we’re working with weekend warriors or Olympic athletes, our experts are committed to the best possible foot orthosis design. Our experiences includes working at the 2004 Athens Olympics, LPGA Golfers, Professional and Olympic athletes.

SKIERS When your ski boots fit properly you’ll not only feel better, you’ll perform better. You’ll be able to set an edge better and have a better feel for your skis and the snow.

The Foot Performance Center has the experience and know-how to help you achieve the perfect fit  We are member to “Americas Best Bootfitters” with over 75 years of combined experience fitting ski boots and providing custom ski orthoitcs. In fact, we have a long history of fitting and aligning notable local and national ski competitors. We are the only Western New York location with Board Certified Pedorthists, PSIA level ski instructors and race coaches in one store.bootfitters_logo

Ski Boot Fitting


Improve your skiing and your comfort with expert evaluation, alignment and balance from our ski boot fitting professionals!

GOLFERS Getting the most out of your golf game starts with a solid foundation. Poor foot function affects your balance, increases your chances for injury and—gulp—hurts your score. Our staff can evaluate your foot function and shoe fit. We can suggest proper shoes and insoles to improve your foot function and stabilize your foundation for a more consistent swing.

With proper fitting footwear and custom orthotics, you’ll find that you’ll be more balanced on your feet, be less tired, and be able to golf more.

Our store also carries a full line of New Balance golf shoes in hard-to-find widths.

Golf Swing Improvement


One of the most difficult athletic moves to execute is the golf swing. Balance is crucial. Optimum weight transfer from back to front foot can maximize power and distance, not to mention lower your score! Ground reaction forces should be as high as possible, and a properly designed foot orthosis can help do just that. Newton’s 3rd Law states, “For every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction”. The more force you can generate at the ground, the more torque can be imparted to the ball.

BIKE FITTING If you love riding your bike, then Foot Performance Center is here to help. Proper bicycle cleat and pedal fitting can reduce many injuries associated with overuse. Knee pain, metatarsal (ball of foot) pain and numbness can be helped with a proper bicycle shoe fit and pedal alignment. We carefully measure all critical lengths and sizes utilizing our “Fit Kit” and Pedorthic knowledge for the perfect, most efficient fit possible. Schedule a bike fitting appointment today.

RUNNERS Overuse injuries often arise in runners due to biomechanical imbalances of the foot and lower extremities. Properly designed foot orthoses are a means of aligning an improperly balanced foot by controlling the subtalar joint. Injuries such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, metatarsalgia and patellofemoral syndrome are all related to poor biomechanics. Our experienced staff can evaluate the runner to determine how to reduce soft tissue overload and pain.